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Infinite Creativity, Unlimited Discovery


Odeum is at the forefront of revolutionizing music streaming and podcasting, uniquely positioned at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence. By leveraging the Odeum token (built on Arbitrum's Layer 2 solution) within our ecosystem, we introduce a cryptocurrency aspect that enhances transaction transparency and compensates creators fairly. Our AI-driven features, such as Suggested Content, Curated Playlists, AI-Driven Analytics, and AI Copyright Discovery, tailor user experiences and ensure that every artist and creator can effectively reach their audience.
With the addition of community-focused features like Ignite, Fan Clubs, and Subscriptions, Odeum cultivates a rich environment where creators can directly engage with their fans and build a loyal following using cryptocurrency. These offerings, combined with our innovations, not only welcome newcomers and veterans alike but also promise a future where creativity is rewarded, collaboration thrives, and the passion of artists and podcasters is celebrated. Join Odeum on this exciting journey, where cutting-edge technology meets artistic expression, setting new standards for the digital content landscape.
With every fan donation to content creators, 80% of the transaction goes to the content creators, the remaining 20% is split as follows; 1% is burnt forever thus reducing the overall supply (deflationary), 15% is split proportionally between stakers, and 4% is added to the developer fund to ensure continued innovation, development and maintenance of the system. Diversify your income and let it grow with the platform.
Harness the full potential of Odeum's token ( $ODEUM ) within our dynamic ecosystem. The token, a cryptocurrency, empowers immediate earnings through direct tipping, avoiding intermediaries and delays. Moreover, 15% of each tip contributes to a collective staking pool, where your token holdings have a direct impact, fostering equity and participation. Our groundbreaking 'Ignite' feature leverages your tokens to amplify the visibility of your favorite content creators. What's more, tokens from a dedicated wallet incentivize artist onboarding and generously reward content creators, solidifying their commitment to our platform. This versatile token isn't limited to tipping alone; it also opens doors to premium advertising opportunities on the Odeum platform and facilitates seamless content subscriptions, enhancing the engagement and possibilities within the Odeum community.
Within the Odeum ecosystem, each gratuity triggers a process where a portion of the tokens involved is permanently removed from circulation. This token burn strategy systematically decreases the total supply of tokens over time. For ecosystem participants, this diminishing supply mechanism serves to potentially increase the value of the tokens they hold or earn, as scarcity can lead to greater demand. Consequently, this approach not only rewards every member of the ecosystem but also aligns the interests of all participants towards the long-term prosperity and stability of the platform.
At Odeum, our revenue-sharing process is designed to champion fairness and transparency for all participants. Through innovative mechanisms, a significant percentage of revenue generated from user subscriptions, tips, and advertising directly benefits content creators. We ensure that compensation is proportional to their contributions, giving them the recognition and financial rewards they deserve. Our commitment to fairness extends to newcomers and industry veterans alike, nurturing talent and fostering a creative environment where every voice has the opportunity to thrive. Blockchain technology underpins this process, ensuring seamless and secure transactions, ultimately creating a community where passion and collaboration are celebrated and appropriately compensated.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-suggested content uses algorithms to recommend personalized media, improving discovery and engagement. It analyzes user preferences to offer relevant podcasts and music, keeping content fresh and increasing platform loyalty. This approach enriches the user experience by introducing them to new and diverse content tailored to their interests.
AI-curated playlists leverage algorithms to tailor music selections to individual tastes and habits, enhancing discovery and personalization. They introduce listeners to new artists and songs, and adapt to different moods and activities, improving engagement and deepening the music experience. This innovation makes music consumption more accessible and tailored, fostering a stronger connection between listeners and the music they love.
Leveraging AI-driven analytics catapults us into a new era of insight and engagement, where deep understanding and predictive capabilities about our users' behaviors and preferences are at our fingertips. This powerful tool empowers us to tailor your experience like never before, ensuring that every piece of content - from the latest tracks to insightful podcasts - is aligned with what you love. For our creators, it opens up a world of real-time feedback and analytics, offering the clarity needed to hone their art for the greatest impact.
We are pioneering the integration of AI-driven copyright discovery to safeguard intellectual property across our platform. Our advanced system will continuously monitors uploads, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to identify and flag copyrighted material, ensuring swift and fair resolution. This not only streamlines the protection of creators' rights but also facilitates seamless licensing agreements, empowering both creators and rights holders. With our proactive approach and collaboration with rights holders, we're setting a new standard for copyright management in the digital age, ensuring that creativity thrives in a legally protected environment.
AI-driven search revolutionizes how users discover content by leveraging artificial intelligence to provide more accurate, relevant, and personalized search results. Unlike traditional search engines that rely on keyword matching, AI-driven search understands the context of queries, interprets user intent, and learns from interactions to improve over time. This approach enables Odeum to offer suggestions tailored to individual preferences and behaviors, enhancing user experience.

Odeum Token Utility

ODEUM is the native token for the Odeum platform. It facilitates tipping, staking, igniting, advertising and unlocks premium subscriptions.


Content creators receive 80% of all tips sent in Odeum tokens, a much better balance compared to other platforms which take upward of ~45%.


Odeum tokens offer an accessible way for users to stake their tokens and earn a 15% proportionally split share of gratuities, determined by their active involvement in the process.


The team will incentivise content creators from token reserves and transact them through the tipping system. Content creators and staking participants will benefit.

Premium Advertising

Elevate your brand by obtaining prime advertising space on our homepage through the procurement of Odeum tokens.


The Odeum token is used by the community to grant content exposure. Tokens can be allocated to content they want to see trending (no tokens are spent), ensuring organic trends on the platform and giving the community the power to control what they see.


You can subscribe to your favourite content creators to show them support and gain access to exclusive member-only benefits using Odeum tokens.